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[!] Msg To USA [!]: First Letter to the United States we are coming, we will penetrate your positions electronic. The reason goes back to the donald trump he hates Muslims. And that you are working to disperse Arabs

[!] Msg To Russia [!]: The second
letter stopped the killings in Syria! . What did your little baby? What did
I do to you the woman who was inside her house? What did you a big age?
What did they do to you in order to kill them?! . For the piece we will
kill you. We will penetrate all electronic your positions. Damn you!

[!] Msg To Isreal [!]: There
is no state called Israel, but called Palestine. Dear Zionist enemy every day
are killing Palestinians false pretext. But one day we will win you. We hackers
will penetrate your websites and electronic will raise the flag of Palestine that
you may know that there is no such thing as Israel.

Anonymous Arabs


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